Amanda Laird Cherry and ERRE captivated the peak of the evening - Day 2 at SAFW

If I say ‘Pretty in pastel' you say ‘Judith Atleir', if I say ‘Beach goddess' you say ‘Beach Cult'

Day 2 of South African Fashion week continued off from day 1 with excitement and talent. Designers Beach Cult, Judith Atelier and Helon melon started the audience off with an array of colour palettes in the first show that portrayed the aesthetic of using primary colours with pastels creating a layered flow of geometric cutouts. 


The young final year fashion designers from Durban University of Technology in-lighted the show and made an impression on the runway with their collection that employed the combinations of ethnical weaving techniques and knots in raw form paired with neutral linens and popping secondary colours. The show DUT: Rise of the Oxx revealed a story of the battle between childlike naivety, innocence, finding oneself and hinted at the self-destruction of coming of age.


Amanda Laird Cherry and ERRE captivated the peak of the evening with collections that portrayed the work of well-established designers. The trio designers from the brand ALC stunned the audience with a holistic 33 looks, all showing a deep understanding and insight into the fashion industry. From their minimalist approach of using linen and a variety of simple stripped textiles in Aqua tones, they provided a clear visual of the trend to come. 

The collection of the brand ERRE from the design duo Carina Louw and Natasha Jaume demanded attention as the bold colours used to accentuate the female silhouette provided a collection for the Modern powerhouse woman, that relates her poised stature while showing her feminine, playful side.


The brands Mantsho by Palesa, Loayo Art And Creations and Sun Goddess ending off the evening. 

The brand Mantsho owned the look of a Nubian princess with a collection that played around the shape of African traditional attire and made a modern collection for the African woman without the use of traditional print. Sun Goddess stimulated the runway with a variety of textiles and formal looks. Loayo art and creations saved the best for last and ending off the evening with statement pieces that made full use of colour.