My name is Tanlume. I am a writer and an Art Director based in Botswana. I own and curate a blog titled Banana Emoji, where I share a variety of thought pieces accompanied by an editorial photo-shoot.

"IT'S ONLY BEEN A YEAR..." is the latest piece of work I have produced for this month. My blog turns 1 this month and I decided to do a celebratory shoot.

The blog illustrates today's evolving culture through art, social commentary, fashion and humor. I look at life and culture through a completely unique lens: creative, with an artistic edge. My readers are anything but the normal. They're bold, free- spirited life lovers who recognize that perfection is boring.

Alas, a lot of the work has been somewhat surreal and portrayed an alternative dimension of sorts. With this shoot I would like to combine the cheeky characteur style of conceptualizing shoots of Banana Emoji with Paul Shiakallis' raw edge. Marking a change of pace for the blog. 

The concept behind the shoot was to have a one-man birthday party in a house. The setting is intended to be a dark, lusciously crafted noir film style shoot, with shades of Hitchcock and Polanski, as all my work is inspired by film.

I have enjoyed creating on this platform but it has also been a overwhelming bouts of sadness and uncontrollable episodes of doubt.

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