Berlin Fashion Week showcasing the new collections of Spring/Summer 2020. Lea Brandes was out and about spotting the hottest trends, the guests wore to this summer's fashion showcase.

After Berlin' s hottest week of summer, the guests of fashion week, wore loose dresses, biker shorts and transparent layerings to the various shows. Paring a loose blouse with shorts, like Lisa Banholzer from Blogger Bazaar (in the pink Prada blouse) or belting up an airy dress; very popular at E-Werk Berlin. For those that wanted to stand out, bold colours were de rigueur, bright shades of green, red and pink could easily be spotted. In addition to these, neons and purple were also popular. Small and suitable accessories were out to play, colourful nails and other accents on show.

Nightlife is the style powerhouse Berlin is known for, so perhaps it' s no surprise that fashion trends are bubbling up from the club scene. All-black outfits, Buffaloes, chains and bucket hats are some examples of techno wear that you ’l l not only spot around the Berlin Fashion Week but also in Berghain.

Our Street- Style Photographer (@mrhotshoe) and Lea Brandes (@lea_brandes) caught the best looks to get you inspired by the Berlin Fashion scene. Have a look through the gallery!