Botswana Street Style Report by @Tanlume

Most people who know me know I don't follow fashion. I am not a fan of stars that look totally overstyled, like Kim Kardashian; give me Erykah Badu with her big rings and even bigger hair, any day. For me, fashion is about pushing boundaries without trying too hard. British designer Vivienne Westwood once said people who aren't creative or have no love for art don't dress up when asked why people should she simply replied, "Because it's fun". Sage advise.

These are exciting times in Botswana fashion, what with our designers getting CNN features and fashion blogging being as popular as ever, it is as if a fire has been lit and set ablaze the style -goddess in all of us. We're experiencing a subtle winter season this year, although we had some rain it has mostly been warm afternoons and cold nights. Here are some trends worth noting, spotted on the streets of Botswana.


Throughout world wars, apartheid and into the new millennium, denim has found a way into closets throughout the seasons but more so when it is colder. Denim is the ultimate winter fashion statement!


People seem to be moving toward a more practical side of fashion and you can't get more reliable and all-purpose than a pair of brogues. And ladies can take a pair right off their best male friend’s feet.


Nothing keeps the cold away more stylishly quite like faux fur does. As opposed to the more sedate dots and stripes, cut coats and cardigans are a lot more fun. Imagine the entire Gaborone CBD square overflowing with women and men in outfits with the details. So Milan!


Instead of stark monochrome or new rave fluoro, I've seen more people dressing in shades of grey, more toned down and less outlandish. The colour palette doesn't seem to be limited to just one's wardrobe, though, some are taking it as far as grey hair. Definitely the colour of the season!


Grunge is not going anywhere anytime soon people. There are comfortable, cost and you can literally wear them with anything. Dress them up with a maxi dress over a turtleneck or go for a more bad-ass look with pants and a biker.