Editéur Plus - "The Dead Trends" by Ashley Els

What’s truly the best thing about South Africa? This exceptionally beautiful country that we live in has such a rich, wide variety of culture. We’re a country of many talents and we’re developing at an incredible rate too. Our music has come a long way over the last few years. With many artists, aspiring and established, taking new ground on the music scene by breaking into a variety of different genres, the diversity and quality of South African music is steadily increasing. The Dead Trends, a recently-formed band, with a great amount of talent and the potential to become one of South Africa’s most relished indie-pop bands.

The Dead Trends who have only been a band for the last eight months consists of the following band members: James Chandler, lead singer and guitarist; lead guitarist, Cam Lane; Caleb Frow, drummer and backing vocalist; and bassist, Brad Richards. These talented musicians established their friendship when they came together as a band at the music college they studied at. As music so often does, it unites us, through the intricacies of itself, as a collaborative – no matter how big or small. Everyone understands the language of music. They found that it was this in which they could express themselves so well and was what brought them together.

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