Editéur Plus - "Meet Fleurie" by Leeroy Esbend

Lauren fell in love with “making up” songs, first just as melodies and then with words. She loved the feeling of expressing herself through music which became a place she could say whatever she needed to. She kept her writing a secret for many years, thereafter showing people the songs she had written around the age of seventeen, which was her last year of high school. She usually gets inspired by something she sees or hears, a movie, another song or melody, which results in her creating her own art.

Sometimes she gets inspired by something as simple as a moment with friends that feels special and sacred to her, and thereafter she has the desire to capture it and share it with the world through music. A lot of songs that she wrote, were written because she couldn’t find any other way to express what was going on inside her. The process of creating, for her, is different every time, but often the melody and lyrics come together, and come before she has played any chords, made a track or anything else. However, that has been changing recently. She has been doing much more co-writing and building melodies and tracks before beginning to fit lyrics in, which is a stretching and an interesting experience for her. She likes the different genres and the outcomes. The songs feel stronger and more memorable.

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