Editéur Plus - "The Sixth Issue" is LIVE


Greetings and a very warm welcome to “The Sixth Issue” of Editéur Plus online magazine. I would like to thank all the amazing readers both far and wide who have supported this endeavor. If this is your first time reading Editéur Plus, welcome. We’re a minimalist online magazine that showcase’s artists around the globe.

For “The Sixth Issue” I wanted to go back to where I am from, South Africa. With the new issue, I have showcased South African artistry is different fields, from photographers to entrepreneurs, bloggers and designers. “The Sixth Issue” brings forth the diversity within South Africa.

Be sure to check out the social media contacts of our many contributors. I encourage you to engage with them. I am grateful for all who have contributed to this issue, I value your work immensely. To all our readers, feel free to connect with us on social media. Welcome to Editéur Plus “L’inspiration à travers la vision.”

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