Hard Rock Café - Womens Day (9 August 2017)

The essence of National Women’s Day in South Africa is to celebrate women. It is to celebrate the vibrancy that women bring as they fulfil their roles in within their families, in society and ultimately the world. The women who marched back in 1956 displayed courage and won a battle to protect the dignity of women in South Africa. They found their place and did what they could, and they changed the lives of many.

That same spirit was embodied in the event that took place at Hard Rock Café Pretoria on August 9th. Two women were showcased, both of them finding their place in their respective industries and making a change. We were tantalised by the musical stylings of Lara Gear, a finalist who performed live on The Voice 2016. Lara’s soulful sound is making waves in the music industry. Her lyrics carry weight and have a beauty and depth. We were not only entertained, but also moved.

Fast fashion retailer, Luyanda Sithole, of Revolt Clothing delivered trendy, edgy fashion as models strutted through the restaurant in the best of her apparel. Luyanda too is making a place for herself in the fashion industry, taking strides in the online shopping space.

Both these women have overcome obstacles of different kinds in industries. Luyanda, a pioneer in fast fashion and online shopping and Lara’s sweet, strong voice reflect the beauty and gentle tenacity that we as women possess. They remind us to be people daughters could look up to.

Hard Rock Café was a great location to hold this event. As the media invited on the day, we were treated like royalty. The service was excellent. The waiters were friendly and on point. The burgers we ordered were outstanding! There is something about the restaurant itself. There is a buzz in the atmosphere, an electricity that is almost tangible. It’s a rocking place.  Through this event, HRC Pretoria is standing out, not only as a restaurant that serves great food and has rocking décor. It is positioning itself as a platform for local creatives to show their prowess and in turn inspire others.