Instagrammer of the week @adriaanlouw

Born and bred in a middle-class Afrikaans family in Moot, Pretoria, Adriaan completed a Master’s degree in Architecture. Adriaan has been active as a photographer since high school and photographed his first image with a Kodak 110 and a disposable flash. He has always been attracted to photography because it’s a faster medium than creating buildings and he is very visually inclined.

He loves what he does but he will most likely throw it all away to travel the world. In terms of his photography studies, Adriaan never studied, but developed his photographic skill by learning from fellow photographers. Adriaan enjoys photographing city/ urban spaces and has aligned his images with brands that enjoy urban photography. Urban exploration and street style, whether in his own town, Pretoria or while travelling, Adriaan is drawn to the authenticity of cities, and this is what inspires him to capture elements better. Adriaan photographs with a Canon 6D with a Tamron 24-70mm F2.8 lens and enjoys photographing with his phone as it is more inconspicuous. His favourite photographic accessory is his Gorilla pod and a 24-70 F2.8 lens.

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