Instagrammer of the week @cirogalluccio

Ciro is a graphic design student from Rome and is in love with the art of portrait photography especially as it relates to nature and urban landscapes. Starting in 2015, Ciro began to focus this new talent and skills on capturing emotion-filled portraits that integrated the world around him.

Ciro studied Graphic Design at an art academy in Rome. There he learned a few pointers on photography, but more about post production. Ciro was inspired to do photography by his friend, Adnan after attending a photography course together. From there Ciro discovered a new world in terms of photography. He gets more inspiration from music and films, as well as the everyday life.

Ciro photographs with a Nikon DLSR with a 35mm 1.4 and enjoys his reflector to give his the best light needed when doing a shoot. In Ciro’s work, you can see the impact that the natural environment has had on his visualization of the human form. Whether utilizing a bed of luscious green foliage to fill the entire frame of the photo and embrace an elegantly dressed woman in black or using soft evening raindrops to enhance the tender expression on a man’s face, Ciro embraces the world around him and its impact on our existence. He wanted to express his own feelings, but also to capture the beauty of the people around him.