Instagrammer of the week @frequentlyeats

Here is something yummy for you to enjoy, our Instagrammer of the week @frequentlyeats. Shirley Erasmus started @frequentlyeats in 2016, which is a combination of her love for food and her passion for photography. Shirley enjoys creating food that is simple, vibrant and healthy (with a few waffles here and there!

Shirley was eager to start something new and challenge herself to embark on a new path - food photography - which is notoriously difficult to get right. She is constantly learning new techniques and drawing inspiration from awesome Instagrammers like @anettvelsberg and @talinegabriel. As an avid foodie, she decided to take the plunge and set out learning how to master food photography.

Shirley is currently completing her Masters Degree in English Literature at Rhodes University. Her Instagram account @frequentlyeats is just a hobby for now, though she would love for it to be her full-time job. In the future, she hopes to combine her love for food , food photography and writing to pursue a life as a food stylist, food photographer and or a food writer. When asked what her dream job is this is what she said,

“My dream would be to work for Woolworths Taste or an online writer at Yuppiechef, but you never know what the future holds.”

She is inspired by fresh, healthy food and simple dishes, that are both beautiful to look at and healthy to eat. She loves browsing through organic markets and picking out seasonal fruits and veggies. She is also a major sucker for flowers, handmade ceramic bowls, and pretty cotton tea-towels. Shirley can’t resist superfood, her shelves are full of coconut oil, flakes, coco-nibs, acai powder and chia seeds.

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