Instagrammer of the week @icaniaty

ICA NIATY was a personal Instagram until a month ago when Jessica decided to turn it into a homage to the Sapeurs of Congo. It is the first step of an upcoming platform where she will talk about this culture but also feature the eclectic and fearless fashion icons. This project started unconsciously 10 years ago after she studied fashion and she found a real interest in extravagance, menswear and the androgynous style. Jessica works in Marketing and she know that Australians constantly look for inspiration. She believes that she can help them by providing them with such sources of creativity.

After she moved to Paris, she worked as a PR agent for different brands like PAL ZILERI, BARBOUR ROBINSON LES BAINS, and LE MONT ST MICHEL, all differentiated by their creativity and universe. This all led me to create this blog. She would like to share this specific interest of hers through a blog which will be released this year. Jessica would like to be guided by her passion and express this life represented by the Sapeurs to a larger public, in Australia, and grow the awareness to those great artists.

The images of hers are thoroughly selected. In every picture she posts, she wants to show the freedom, the one of expressing yourself, through clothing for example. She wants to represent the Sapeurs, who seek freedom and creativity rather than material wealth. She is seeking the details, the elements which can help demonstrating this very unique culture. When she chooses to post a picture, she wants her followers to see the au dace and the freedom to be themselves. This is her true inspiration.

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