Instagrammer of the week @jadewfoto

@jadewfoto is an 18-year-old artist living in Montreal. A lover of the arts, nostalgic with a creative and inquisitive mind. Jade never goes anywhere without her camera. Jade currently works as a food, lifestyle, event, and nightlife photographer for the best spots in the city such as Jatoba, Apartment 200, Mayfair, Flyjin, etc. Her work ranges from portrait, event, food, fashion, street, and lifestyle photography.

At the moment she is self-taught but would like to study photography at Concordia University in Montreal. Most of all she would like to study abroad, in Paris, New York, or Berlin. Jade began taking pictures at a very young age, however, only began working in photography when she was 16. That's how old she was when she had her very first paid photoshoot. It's been a little over a year since she started taking photography seriously and she hasn’t looked back since.

Here’s how Jade got into photography,

“My grandfather was a photographer and artist himself, and growing up I really looked up to him and his work. I have all his old film equipment and I enjoy using it every time.  My whole life I have been interested in the arts. I learnt how to draw when I was 3 and went to art school for several years. I still paint and draw to this day, but not as much as I shoot. I completely indulged myself in photography, putting so much time into it that I picked it up quickly when I was 12-13 years old.”

Jade best describes her photography style below,

“Some people say my style is dark , and I can agree with that as it seems to be the case in many of my photos, but I will always want my photos to be bright and vibrant, full of life and colour. I want my images to be warm and beautiful to look at. If they're dark, I want there to be a great balance between shadow and light. Sometimes I go into a shoot, keeping in the back of my mind that I want the photos to be like paintings, there should be flow, and perhaps a story to tell.”

Jade works with film and digital cameras. She uses the Nikon D610 for all her digital work and for film she shoots with a Nikon F. Her favourite photography accessory is her light diffusers and reflectors. She uses them a lot when she shooting outdoors and sometimes indoors. They make all the difference for her.

If Jade could choose one lens to photograph with, hers what she would choose,

“If I had to choose one lens to work with for the rest of my life, it would be most likely be a 24-70 2.8 or a 50mm 1.4. I would choose the 24mm because it's good for travel photos, works really well in low light, I would get crisp images, and it could work for portraits shots.”

For editing purposes, she uses her phone to edit her pictures after she has processed them through Photoshop or Lightroom on her computer.

“There are some great apps to use to make the picture slightly better.” – Jade

Here is how Jade gets her inspiration for her photography,

“I am inspired every day, all the time by life, by what surrounds me. I am inspired and influenced by my amazing friends. On social media I am always looking at artwork and photography, being inspired each time. I am constantly going to see art, new and old. I want to learn from the greats as well as other photographers around me.”

“Dave Krugman, Kat Irlin, Steph Wilson, Annie Leibovitz, Robert Doisneau, Alex Strohl, and Vivien Maier, these are some people who have really influenced me in photography.”

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