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Maiax is a creative platform where she can share her take on fashion, fitness, interior design, lifestyle & travel with readers on a personal level. It’s definitely not a one way destination for fashion & lifestyle in fact it’s a journey of her life, full of inspiration exchange junctions. Because her source of inspiration is people, when she engages more and hears their side of stories, she see through her heart and just goes with it.

Maiax started when a friend of hers took a lovely picture of her daughter with her DSLR camera. After looking at that picture she said,

“How incredibly beautiful is this picture!”

And told her husband that,

“We are missing all those great moments! I’ve got to learn photography, right about now!”

Then she got she first DSLR camera 7 months ago and started to discover photography. Meanwhile she started following some local and international fashion & lifestyle bloggers. Then one day she said that she would like to start her own blog and share her own inspiration with a dash of South African flare.

Eventually she decided to stop hassling her husband with her ideas and designed her very first website & started to create her own content. On the 1st of April 2016 she finally launched

When asked where she sees herself and her Instagram account in the future, this was her response,

“I hope I keep creating original content while staying true to myself. As much as I like glamour, I love reality, therefore you might come across a reality/backstage post here and there. However I want to keep that happy medium, because we all know that no one would be interested in seeing me with my ketchup stained shirt behind the laptop. My biggest wish is to keep or better yet expand this incredible dialogue with my engaged readers that care about me not just my clothes. Because encouraging conversations, thoughts and exchanging inspirations are crucial for me to move forward. As for myself, definitely expanding my family is on the top of my list.”

 Here’s how her images are inspired.

 “I was incredibly lucky to meet my dear friend and genius photographer Angelika Kollin. She has a fine eye and an artistic nature which works great for the story I’m telling. Therefore I trust her creative direction. If you notice, our take on fashion is a little different than the mainstream fashion blogging stratosphere. Generally fashion photographers brings out the glamour and utmost beauty of the model while the background is usually not that significant. Obviously nothing wrong with that, we just choose a little different, creative approach as I don’t expect the images to always be soft and pretty. What’s important is cohesion of elements within the picture to tell a good story. To be precise, we get our inspiration eclectically as we photograph in the streets of Cape Town. For example Angelika and I were shooting for “Monochrome” at the backstreets of beautiful Bo Kaap, and met Mona. We got inspired by Mona’s story and headed beyond fashion because at the end it’s all about people.”

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