Instagrammer of the week @meghanssilva

@MeghanSSilva is definitely an extension of Megan Silva’s blog, it also happens to be a more day to day visual journal. She finds Instagram to be a great way to journal all the highlights in her life from traveling or the day to day trivial events.

@MeghanSSilva started as a way to be more social outside of her blog with readers and bloggers alike. Many of her readers wanted to see more "Meghan" and Instagram gave her a platform where she felt more natural to herself.

“I just hope to keep growing, to continue posting beautiful images and adding more memories online.” - @MeghanSSilva

Her blog has always been a place of escape, a breath of fresh air and that's exactly what she wants for her Instagram feed.

“Freshness, beauty and a few doses of reality. Those feelings are what inspire me.” - @MeghanSSilva

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