Instagrammer of the week @rileyvahed

Riley is a South African content creator who has recently tested the photographic waters, but is better known for the work he has done on YouTube. Let's place our focus on his origin momentarily, most of the content that has been released by Riley are YouTube videos and he says that what personalizes his stuff is that he edits all is uploads before publishing them. "I love the process of making a YouTube video, or, any video for that matter" he says.

Mr. Vahed did not attend formal studies for what he has learned, most of what he has learned, has been learned through YouTube and, one of the best ways to learn anything, experience. The fact that Riley has come to know as much as he has by himself guarantees that his work is authentic and I think we can all agree, that in our day and age, this is a very attractive attribute.

About a month ago, inspired by a man named Bryant Eslava, he set out to capture, an idea that had captured him, this is where he got into photography, since then Riley says that  he has been capturing as much as he possibly can, so that he can develop the skills, to take the great photos and also to find out what he really enjoys taking pictures of, what his particular style of photography is, he did however say "If I had to say, it would probably be street style.".

When we asked him what he uses to make such amazing imagery, this is how he responded,

"My favorite camera to use is my iPhone just because it takes great pictures and I always have it on me. For serious shoots I use my bigger Canon 1000D, and for action photography I will use my GoPro HD".

To add the final touches to his footage Riley uses Photoshop Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X, to make sure that what he presents truly looks spectacular.

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Written by Francois Swanepoel