Instagrammer of the week @thebeardedadventures

This week’s Instagrammer of the week is @thebeardedadventures aka Barry Socks, born in the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town South Africa, who studied photography for 2 years. Barry is a very inquisitive, adventurous and thrill seeking personality type. Barry feels most at home when exploring The Great Outdoors, specifically The Mountains, but any form of adventure is something he cannot say no to. To sum it all up he considers himself a traveller of the open road, a modern vagabond.

Barry worked in distribution for 4.5 years to realise that his childhood passion of film and photography is his field of expertise. He then resigned from his job and is currently studying and pursuing a career in the field film and photography. Barry also does some freelance photography work, contributing to stock imagery online and works on the events team for Monster Energy.

Here is how he got into photography,

“I drifted away from photography after high school. One specific occasion I won’t forget, one of my best mates and now photographic partner in crime - @ramonmellet, planned an adventure up Table Mountain,  and I was the only member of the hiking party to not have a camera, that is where the fire reignited again and here I am today with camera in hand - majority of my time. Capturing moments and emotions in the still has always been something that intrigued me while hiking and the outdoors is my biggest passion. Being good enough to truly capture and portray these moments and places I have been is a skill you have to acquire through lots of practice and commitment. I feel that the pictures I take can never quite do justice to what and where my naked eye has been and seen which is the drive that keeps me thriving to better myself.” - Barry Socks

Barry describes his style of photography as Adventure and Folk. His goal is to get to the places people are too scared and fearful to tread and capture these moments for other’s to experience through his photographic imagery.

His gear:

  • Canon 750D
  • Canon 7D Mark II
  • Canon 5D Mark III

Here is his favourite accessory other that is camera,

“My favourite photography accessory would be an intervalometer for remote triggering and time lapses but I do have to mention, my Lowepro camera bag, without it, my camera and gear would never be able to make it through the conditions and places I go too.” - Barry Socks

Barry enjoys photographing with his wide angle lens of 10-20mm, but his lens of choice would be the Canon EF-S 17-105mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens. For editing, Barry usually uses the VSCO app to slightly enhance his pictures to replicate what he saw with his naked eye when out on the mission.

Here is how he gets his inspiration when photographing,

“A lot of my inspiration is drawn from music, specifically, Ragtime Blues and Folk Blues which predominantly about travelling the open road and that that goes with it. The love for the outdoors is also one of my biggest influences. I also source inspiration from guys like Alex Stroll and Garrett King. - Barry Socks

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