Instagrammer of the week @visualrev

Everyone, meet Dean Tucker, a 20-year-old photographer from Cape Town! At the moment He is studying a BA in visual communication design at the University of Stellenbosch. He is also a semi-professional football player and tries to fit his social media, adventuring and photography in whenever He can find some free time. Recently he has been documenting all his adventures in a series called the weekend venture on his YouTube channel. 

In terms of specialisation, Dean loves to photograph adventure, travel and lifestyle. When asked if he studied, this is what he said, 

"No, everything I've learnt is self-taught. I've learnt from trying to be like others if that makes sense. I would try editing styles of people that I aspired to be like and this got me well accustomed to how to achieve certain looks on lightroom. I think just experimenting and playing around with different settings is the best thing to do when starting. Try anything and everything."

Dean has been photographing for about 2 years now and is an all rounded content creator. His journey through photography started at the end of his matric year when a friend asked him to join an “instameet” in the Newlands forest. At first, He had no idea what this was and He had no idea the power that this small app had but it soon began to shape his entire perspective of life. He began to push himself more, to become a better photographer and creative person. It allowed him to think bigger and dream bigger. 

With regards to the photograph style, Dean best describes it as such.

 "I think my style changes so often as I adapt to new situations or find new inspiration. It is definitely rooted in adventure style photography though."

Deans Camera gear:

  • A Canon 70d 
  • The Joby Gorilla pod. 
  • The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. (Great for landscapes and portraiture)

"Combining the zoom with the low aperture range just makes it the perfect all round lens for me. Fun Fact: I've never changed the lens from my camera since I've got it." -Dean Tucker 

Dean enjoys the VSCOcam app, which is very good for mobile editing but does all his editing in Adobe Lightroom on his computer. Other great photo editing apps which he likes are Snapseed and Afterlight.

 Dean best describes getting inspiration for all is photography,

"I think what inspires me most is about how are unique our country is. It is so diverse with regards to its people, culture and landscapes. At the moment I would consider myself to be an Adventure and travel lifestyle kind of photographer, and I think that South Africa just has the perfect combination to create this kind of content."

People he gets inspiration from are @diaryofalex, @andrewtkearns, @samelkins and @mrbenbrown. Here is a great tip on how he markets his photography! Remember to follow him on Instagram.

 "Social media, obviously. I think Instagram is the perfect platform for photographers looking to make a break into the business side of it. It provides a great platform to share your work with the world and also to compare yourself to the standard of professionals. I think the best way to grow on Instagram is just to post quality content consistently and engage with your community. If you'd like to see more tips on growing your Instagram account then you can check out a New series on my YouTube channel called How To Instagram where I cover everything from taking the photos to posting them and growing a following."