Line by Jenevieve Lyons


Jenevieve Lyons to debuted Line by Jenevieve Lyons at the recent AFI Cape TowMercedes Benz Fashion Week n on the 8th of April 2017.

Line by Jenevieve Lyons is a direct diffusion ready-to-wear line under the head label.

First Line Fall/Winter 2017 is the first collection to be born under the extended label; the collection withholds simplistic elements, played off in well tailored garments that go beyond the fast fashion discourse. Elements of nostalgia; luxury, traditionalism, depth, articulation and devised are some key points of reference here.

First Line Fall/Winter 2017 boasts a colour palette that aspires from the deep tones that can be found within our African landscapes; the beauty and opulence that these tones have are carried through the colour palette, proportions and styling, boasting both womanswear and menswear.

With a background setting set off from back issues of National Geographic’s that are based on our African raw surroundings and cultures from the 1980’s which carry relevance, still today.

Line by Jenevieve Lyons will follow off into various retail streams.


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Runway Images: SDR Photo – Simon Deiner