Meet Jacques Mollentze


These are exciting times for me and Editéur Plus. I have been looking and figuring out how I can give my readers (you guys) more content that will encourage you to create and to stay inspired.

I am super excited to be collaborating with someone I feel is creative and is constantly inspired to do more creative things. Meet Jacques Mollentze an art director, conceptual artist & graphic designer, specialising in branding, creative collaboration & everything random. Jacques featured in “The Tenth Issue” of Editéur Plus, read more here:

Challenging the norms of design, Jacques experiments with various connections in art, design, media, visual language and identity. Jacques uses a conceptual approach to projects to create works that speak his interests, observations and collaborations in his everyday life.

Jacques will be part of the creative development of new issues and collaborations for Editéur Plus. I want to encourage you to visit his portfolio and hire him for your creative projects.