Meet Ryan Hing, a South African Fashion Designer

Ryan Hing has always been an outgoing and unique individual with a creative mind, he has always had a major passion for fashion wanting to be dressed differently and change up the game and vision of the industry by the use of his garment creations.

As well as having some background knowledge, you might also want to know why he became a fashion designer. Well, he decided to become a designer due to his love for clothing and accessories , he has always wanted individuals to be comfortable in what they wear while looking stylish and having a feeling of confidence. He has always wanted his own label, now known as EVOLVE with the slogan KEEP CHANGING.

Being a fashion designer has its pros and cons, as most careers do, one of the cons (as some might say) would be finding inspiration and coming up with new ideas. Ryan draws his inspiration from simplistic structures such as architecture. His use of colours comes from different inspirations but mainly from neutral colours such as pastels, browns and earthy colours.  On the other hand, his favourite part of being a designer is that he can portray his visions and ideas on a piece of fabric. Another great feeling of his is seeing individuals look good in his designs, this creates a mood and makes him feel great as well.

Along with the simplistic structures, from which Ryan draws his inspiration, he also uses neutral as well as bright summer colours, clean designs (architecture / buildings), basic designs and overseas raw street culture (the combination of how clothing is out together or worn overseas). In addition to the inspiration that Ryan receives for his design, his choice of material goes along with it hand in hand. As a result of simplistic designs, he pays careful attention to his selection of fabrics, he keeps his selections very simple but must be based on attention to detail and the feeling of texture.

However some might say that it is quite difficult to choose the different types of material, yet Ryan has certain methods and ways to make it easier. He does not have a specific person, celebrity or individual who I design or Base my designs on. As a designer, he feels that anybody with any look can purchase and wear his garments due to its simple touch and clean finish off.  Speaking of designing Ryan has thought of some new concepts and he is currently working on his new designs. Due to his last collection he has now been rated the poncho guy. He has thought of some new concepts for his next range, keeping the poncho design, but with the use of lighter fabrics for this summer.

His next major collection will be based on matching two piece tracksuits with the attention to design and detail in the fabric content as well as the use of combinations of different colours. He would like to bring in colour blocking but more focused on the street style sector. (Tracksuits are his very favourite pieces of clothing). As well as what he is doing right now he has also got plans for his future. His plans for future are to expand and grow the brand EVOLVE. After his final year of studying fashion design and production, he  would like to work as a full-time store buyer and a part time stylist which he is currently doing work with during his spare time.

I am sure you are all wondering where you purchase some of Ryan’s clothing items, well I am pleased to inform you that he is currently working on an online social media store which will be up and running by the end of this year 2016. But in the meantime you can check him out on Instagram - @ryanhing011 and Facebook - Ryan Hing.

Written by Joshua McQuirk