"Sailor Wear Diversified" by Francois Swanepoel

On Sunday the 1st of May, an iconic individual released some hot new designs, just in time to take some of the edge off the cold that had come to grace us. Mongi Bacela released her breathtaking new range, Sailor Wear Diversified, at News Café and the crowd was all eyes and ears as the models paraded their fabulous attire up and down the cat walk.

On the night itself I noticed and appreciated something that I would very much like to see at future fashion shows, not only was there a great variety in the dresses that were being displayed, the models on whom they were featured were of so many shapes and sizes, some filled the room with waves of immense swagger and others had us bubbling in our seats with the joy they spread through their demeanor. Some were serious, some handed out smoldering looks while there were those who beamed brightness, but they all cried out, as though with one voice - we are magnificent! None lessened by another, for beauty rested on them all.

Mongi said that when she was a little girl she saw celebrities on television programs such as Fashion TV, and tried to sketch what they were wearing because there was something about it that beckoned her. She got into fashion but shortly after she got dissuaded, and went on to study marketing. She did however soon realize that she was never going to be free of her passion for fashion and started her studies again. After three years, in 2010 she had a flashy new degree and nothing could stand in her way. Today, six years later she is an independent designer, and things are looking up. Mongi is hard at work with her next range which she is looking to launch at the end of August, you can follow her on Facebook at Mongi Designs.