Introducing Proudly South African SwiitchBeauty - Press Release

SwiitchBeauty is a groundbreaking local makeup and skincare brand shattering innovation boundaries. Founded by entrepreneurial maverick RabiaGhoor, she has been dubbed SA’s Kylie Jenner by Business Liveonline. The brand is run by a “BabeTeam” who believe in creating high quality, affordable and cruelty free products, thatactually do what they say they are going to do.

Boasting a niche product offering of makeup, tools and skincare products, SwiitchBeauty lives in the Capital City, is sold online and ships to all 9 provinces throughout the country. “I wanted to start a brand that wasn’t a hit or miss. A brand that was universally flattering," Ghoor says.

SwiitchBeauty is elated to be launching its Pink Friday campaign on November 20th, 2017. “What is Pink Friday?” you may ask. Simply put it is their version of what is commonly known as Black Friday. Retitled because “pink is the new black”, after all.

To mark the fête of its 50K follower milestone on Instagram, SwiitchBeauty will reward customers with up to 50% off all products retailing during its Pink Friday sale. This means everything available online will be priced at R299 and below. The Pink Friday sale will run from Friday, 24 November 2017- Sunday, 26 November 2017.

SwiitchBeauty looks to international trends, moreover how it can bring them to South Africa. What is making waves abroad and that which makeup enthusiastslove and crave, yet is not available locally. The need to remain on the beauty pulse is what customers revere.

Product pricing ordinarily ranges from R80 to R600.


 About RabiaGhoor; SwiitchBeauty Founder:

The self- professed makeup addict conceptualized SwiitchBeauty in 2014 as a 10th grader, in a 4 square metre area within her bedroom. Inspired by the international beauty reviews she consumeddaily on Youtube, Rabia was moved to remedy her observation of a very limited locally produced makeup product offering.

An even greater motivating factor was the need to develop and provide affordable product that in no way compromised on quality.

The brand has amassed popularity withand remains relevant tomillennials who appreciate its ethos, namely:affordability, quality,woman empowerment, continuous customer consideration and engagement, innovation as well as a deliberate integration of pop culture references.

Ghoor’s sharp wit and social media know-how serve SwiitchBeauty well.

A company called Beyond the Lemonade Stand, which mentors "teenpreneurs", gave Ghoor her first big break as a speaker, at a Gibs Business School summit.

The powerhouse operates out of her headquarters in Laudium, Pretoria where she manages a four-person team.

Rabia is involved in the entire process — working with manufacturers, researching the latest trends and creatingexciting packaging and names from the tongue-in-cheek "Glowgasm" palette to the "Slays for Days" palette. Every product is “put to the test”by professional makeup artists and industry tastemakers,before being placedon sale online.

Instagram handle: @swiitchbeauty