Youth Couth - ALC Menswear SS1718 Collection SAMW Runway Looks

Inspiration for the ALC Menswear Spring Summer 2017 collection developed from Amanda reminiscing about her childhood memories and her feeling of youth. Growing up, the Laird family spent time in many different places around South Africa: Milnerton, Cape Town, Alberton, and Durban.

The season’s colour palette incorporates a sof t pink inspired by blossoms in the Japanese Gardens - one of Amanda’s favourite places to visit as a child. The green draws from the silvery green of the willow tree in their garden in Milnerton, and the countless shades of blue remind us of time spent playing in the garden and flopping down on the grass, looking up at the clouds and daydreaming, watching the colour of the blue change depending on the time of day. There is also playful contrast with tomato red, black and white.

We have used a lot of linen, poplin, rayons and single jersey knit fabric. In addition, Shweshwe has been a core fabric used by Amanda over the years, and there is a feeling of childlike spontaneity through using clashing traditional print with ‘granny’s quilting fabric’, taking us back to the days when we would build tent forts and dress up in clashing or contrasting clothes. There are playful elements in the garment lines and details, and contrasting colours are employed to emphasise this. The silhouettes are boxy and minimal; Japanese in proportion mixed with Western principles, combining this within our African context.


All Photos by SDR Photo